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problem recognition

Problems in the injection industry

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​Outdated plastic injection industry

The plastic injection industry is one of the most underdeveloped industries in Korea.

The main reason for this backwardness is that the variety of products, low-cost products, frequent mold replacement occur frequently, and the automation equipment is not cost-effective. Even if automated equipment is introduced, since it is a dedicated equipment for a specific product, if the product does not make a hit, the equipment is often useless, which inevitably causes injection makers to be stingy about equipment investment.

In addition, due to the nature of the minimum wage of 9,160 won in 2022, when hiring workers in two shifts day and night, the annual labor cost (including four major insurance + severance pay) is close to 38 million won per person. Because of this, we are experiencing difficulties in supply and demand in terms of labor costs.

high intensity work

Gate cutting and one-touch cap assembly are the most common operations in the injection process and are avoided by workers.


So, the automation equipment for the two processes is already manufactured and used by several companies. However, if the model is changed, the facility cannot be used and is left in the corner of the site.

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installation direction

Product descriptions

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​Can't we lower the price ?
Wouldn't it be easy to change the model ?
​ Can't it be used by replacing only the module that directly matches the product ?
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problem solving

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new skill

The equipment of ES enables general-purpose work by easily separating the upper module.  Since our equipment is designed as a module change type for the lower frame and electric/pneumatic, any module of any product can be used as long as the size is correct.


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Differentiation from competitors

The most important difference from competitors is that it can be automated at less than half the price when adding product items after purchasing the first equipment, and it can also dramatically reduce the process replacement time when changing models.

Competitor's equipment is not able to renovate and manufacture new equipment when automating new products, and it is impossible to restore to the existing version when remodeling equipment, and it is impossible to remodel due to space restrictions.


It can reduce the burden on injection molding companies to introduce automation equipment and, conversely, increase the accessibility of the introduction.


These module change-type facilities can be applied in various fields such as inner/outer cap assembly machines and printing machines.

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