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One-touch cap automatic assembly machine

One-touch Cap Auto Assembly

​It prevents product deformation and closes the cap easily.

It is widely used for various products by JIG module change method.

One-touch replacement of pneumatic and electrical signals is possible

Equipped with slide replacement method

레이어 13.png
자산 1532.png

Change Module

Modules that can be easily replaced according to various products

자산 1542.png

touch screen

intuitive interface  touch screen

레이어 3.png
자산 1522.png
자산 31.png

battlefield panel

​혼용 사용

자산 41.png
자산 101.png
자산 91.png
자산 71.png
자산 81.png
자산 51.png
자산 61.png

​Modules can be easily replaced using a hoist


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